I do not have the Watchtower Library CD.

Please see the brothers in the Literature Department at your Kingdom Hall.

I do not have a CD player.

From another computer with a CD player, you can copy the contents of the CD ato a USB flash drive, and then proceed with the installation using the flash drive.

Can I install a different version of Watchtower Library?

Yes, no problem.

Can I install WtLibrary on iPad or iPhone?

No. It is not in the project.

Can I use the Application from a USB Flash Drive?

Yes, but remember that, starting with OS X 10.8, to use software not downloaded from the Apple Store, you need to enable the permissions from the “System Preferences” folder (watch the video).

Does using WtLibrary infringe the Copyright of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society?

No. The use of this software does not infringe the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society’s copyrighted material. The application takes care to respect all copyrights of the Watchtower Bible a& Tract Society. You must possess the original disc or a backup copy to be able to use it.

To use WtLibrary do I need special software licenses?

No. The whole project is based on the open source software Wine and Wineskin.

Does the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society allow the use of this application?

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society does not officially support this application. However, after reading the “Readme.txt” document on the Watchtower Library CD, we understand that its use is not prohibited.

For instance, here is an extract:

Question: Can I use Watchtower Library on my Apple Macintosh computer?

Answer: There is no version of Watchtower Library designed for Apple Macintosh (Mac) computers. Some products for Apple Macintosh computers (such as emulators) claim to be able to run Windows programs. These products have not been tested with Watchtower Library, but some of them may work with Watchtower Library.